Sensitec company - supplier of medical equipment
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Medical equipment by «SENSITEC»TM — include modern advanced hi-tech devices featuring reliable operation, irreproachable technical characteristics and reasonable prices.

  • Excellent product quality has been proved by longstanding manufacturer’s experience, favorable users’ responses and testing reports.
  • The products are registered by Ministry of Public Health of Russia, obtain GOST certificates and are manufactured in conformance with ISO 9001. Optimal price level on SENSSITEC equipment makes it available for any Russian health care institution.

For today SENSITEC trade mark is represented by the following product line:

  • Digital colposcope (SENSITEC SLC-2000)
  • Infusion pumps (SENSITEC WZS-50F6, SENSITEC WZ-50C66T SENSITEC WZS-50C6T)
  • Volumetric infusion pump SENSITEC
  • Patient monitors (модель SENSITEC MEC-1200, модель SENSITEC PM-9000)
  • Digital Electrocardiographs (SENSITEC ECG-1001, SENSITEC ECG-1003, SENSITEC ECG-1012)    

Our company is constantly widening its product range. All information about new SENSITEC equipment will be placed on the site.

Official supplier of SENSITEC equipment on the Russian market is OOO “MEDICOM”, Moscow

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