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Ceiling IV-Pole with 2 carrier-tubes

The fields of applications are very multifaceted: normal care, intensive care, pre and post operation care, physician practice and that just to name only a few. What it can give you? The necessary freedom of movement for the nursery staff even in small rooms. The optimal accomodation of patients is ensured.

Through the combination of different shapes, the systems can be optimally adapted to every room according to every customer´s desire. The rails are suited for all ceilings and conditions. They can be certainly secured to very stable and special spacers for suspended ceilings. Telescopable or fixed ceiling IV-Poles made out of high value stainless steel are available in different types. Through polished surface tubes, the ceiling IV-Poles are very easy to clean and therefore very hygienic. The ceiling IV-Poles with safety height adjustment by thumb-pressure permit the certain and simple operation with only one hand and prevent a dangerous and sudden sinking. Ball-bearing and adjustable permanent brake enable fast and simple positioning.

Base bundling

  • IV pole material: stainless steel / aluminium
  • Tube diameter: 25 mm
  • Bearings: 8 low-noise nylon bearings
  • Tandem carrier safety positioning via an integrated mid brake
  • Height adjustment: not height adjustable
  • Bottle holder: 2 pieces, 4 hooks, height adjustable
  • Load capacity: 2 kg / hook , 40 kg / IV-Pole
    • incl. grounding ring
    • distance to floor: 802 mm
    • range of use: 1.130 mm

Additional Photoes:

The rails are mounted to the connectors, though fastening at  any other point is also possible. The pre-drilled holes in the connectors can be used as a drilling template for the rails. This guarantees an exact fit of the rails, spacers and raw ceiling. The spacers´ slots can be used for both, even out irregularities during doweilling as well as in the building´s ceiling. Maximum horizontal distance between 2 spacers is approximately 70 cm.
Ceiling IV-Pole with 2 carrier-tubes  

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