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Infusion Volumetric Pumps

The main purpose of the infusion pump - an infusion therapy (long-term continuous introduction of solutions medications the patient with high precision dosing). Different sources of infusion pump can be described in different ways: infusion pump, syringe pump, infusomats, perestatic pump, volumetric infusion pump or bottle, but it is all one and the same infusion pump and in our offer, he presented a model Sensitec P-600. Just want to draw your attention to the dosing syringe Sensitec.

Volumetric Pump

Infusion Volumetric Pump Sensitec  P-600

Infusion Volumetric Pump Sensitec P-600

  • Infusion speed —  1- 600 ml/h
  • Infusion volume — 1 - 9999 ml
  • Accuracy — ± 5 %
  • Infusion speed in KVO mode — 1 ml/h
  • Occlusion level range — 0,8 - 1,4 kg/cm^2
  • Running time on battery - 4 h if the battery has been fully charged
  • Alarms: infusion is over, running on battery power, air in intravenous set, no infusion solution in IV-set, occlusion, low battery charge, device malfunction
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