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Digital Three-Channel Electrocardiograph SENSITEC ECG-1003

Monochrome LCD display (98x72 mm) resolution – 230 x 240, representing menu adjustments, recording parameters, 12-lead ECG


  • Up-to date digital signal processing technology
  • Easy time-saving paper placement
  • 3 auto recording modes and 1 manual recording mode (with record duration adjustment for each lead)
  • Automatic analysis and ECG reading with printed listing
  • Automatic analysis and ECG reading with printed listing
  • Hand carrying bag for models ECG-1001 and ECG-1003

Technical specifications:

  • Monochrome LCD display (98x72 mm), resolution – 230 x 240, displaying menu adjustments, record parameters, 12-lead ECG
  • Registration modes – auto, manual. Supports 4 printing modes (3 auto modes, 1 manual)
  • Simultaneous data collection from 12 leads.
  • EMG filter, AC filter, base line drift filter
  • Built-in battery allowing to record over 50 ECG's
  • Economic battery operation: automatic standby if isn’t being operated over 5 min.
  • Isolation and protection from pacemaker and defibrillator 
  • High resolution thermo printer provides the excellent quality of printing
  • Recording rates: 6,25, 12,5, 25 и 50 mm/s.
  • Width of paper tape 63 mm
  • Dimensions 310 mm х 230 mm х 70 mm, weight 2,8 kg.
  • Safety standard IEC Class I, Type CF

Standard configuration

Item Quantity
Electrocardiograph ECG-1003 1 pc
Patient cable 1 pc
Limb electrode (4 pcs) 1 set
Chest electrode (6 pcs) 1 set
Power cable 1 pc
Grounding cable 1 pc
Recording paper 1 pc
Operation manual 1 pc
Carrying bag and set of accessories:
  • Gel
  • Ruler for analysis
  • Recording paper
  • Disposable razor
  • Pen
Digital Three-Channel Electrocardiograph SENSITEC ECG-1003

Other photoes

in the kit includes a set of gel to ECG
thoraciic ECG electrodes
Electrodes on the limbs

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