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  • Flow rate(ml/h)
    • 10ml syringe:0.01-300, 20ml syringe:0.01-399.9
    • 30ml syringe:0.01-600, 50ml syringe:0.01-1200
  • Occlusion Pressure:
    • L:300±100mmHg(40.7 ± 13.3 KPa); M:500±100mmHg(66.7 ± 13.3 KPa)
    • H:800±200mmHg(106.7 ± 26.7 KPa)
  • Bolus rate(ml/h)
    • 1200 (50ml syringe) 600 (30ml syringe )
    • 399.9 (20ml syringe ) 300 (10ml syringe )
  • Total volume indication(ml): 0.01-9999
  • Volumetric accuracy: ≤±2%(machine perision ≤±1%)
  • Alarms: Nearly empty, empty, syringe dislocated, syringe plunger disengaged, malfunction, operational reminder after power on, occlusion, low battery charge, battery discharged, AC power failure, preset limited volume is finished
  • Dimension(mm): 307(L)×135(W) ×128(H)
  • Net weight (Kg): 2.2
  • Power supply: AC230V/110V,50/60HZ(European Union), DC 12V. Battery operation exceeds 4 hours at infusion rate of 5ml/h if it's been charged for 16 hours.


Body weight Mode, occlusion pressure selected, anti-bolus, syringe brand selection, syringe size autodetection, volume limit preset, total volume indication, bolus control, fast key lock during infusion, flow rate keys lock during infusion, audiovisual alarms, AC and DC indication, RS-232 port



interface dosing
attachment to the longitudinal and transverse bars
Rear View


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